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Q. Can I use these symbols royalty free?
A. Absolutely. Once you’ve purchased an individual library, all symbols can be used on an unlimited basis by that individual or company.

Q. Can the colors and shading of the symbols be adjusted easily?
A. Yes. By using simple PhotoShop techniques, each plant symbol can be tweaked to allow for virtually limitless hues and color variations.

Q. Will there be other libraries coming offline soon?
A.  Yes. Our artists are currently developing additional symbols for plants as well as interior furnishings and other architectural amenities.

Q. Why are all the symbols on one Photoshop layer?
A. They are all on one layer to reduce overall file size. The more layers you have within one Photoshop file, the bigger the file gets.

Q. How do I cut one, individual symbol out to use?
A. To cut one individual symbol out and bring it into your new scene simply draw a box around it with the rectangular marquee tool, then with the move tool drag the selected area from one to the other.
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